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Registered: 15.11.2008
Rating: 1216

Positive responses: 16926
Negative responses: 87

Sold: 143660
Refunds: 459

WMID: 107890592382

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08.08.2020 0:57:37
Best Seller.
05.08.2020 20:23:59
Product not delivered, although seller claims otherwise.
05.08.2020 19:47:17
Bad card. Waiting for seller to fix Aug 5
04.08.2020 20:26:22
Had some issues but card could be used as described.
04.08.2020 19:20:10
dont buy anything from this seeler
he used card after my payment
i did buy a 100$ dollar visa prepaid but it can not be used in my paypal account and he said card is empty and he dont take my money back