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Registered: 15.11.2008
Rating: 1076

Positive responses: 16973
Negative responses: 102

Sold: 145576
Refunds: 461

WMID: 107890592382

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24.10.2020 20:54:27
Оплатил товар, а теперь жди, когда продавец проснется и загрузит его!
24.10.2020 19:26:25
Оплата не проходит, продавец не отвечает
23.10.2020 14:43:18
Seller is not good and Support reply time is very high

The card did not work and I requested a refund

The seller did not pay the full amount and reduced $5

Best Seller is "SADKEY" for visa card
22.10.2020 18:01:59
Все отлично
20.10.2020 22:12:18
Все отлично