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23.01.2021 0:16:59
I can´t leave a neutral description so I will have to leave a negative one since I have tried to resolve this amicably by contacting the seller, but the seller won´t offer a refund and the product description layout is bad. Spotify has changed the way family memberships work and you can only join those every 12 months, it used to be different last time I purchased a membership. I missed that part on the description (entirely my fault), which was actually listed, but it is currently listed on a green grid below all the ´pluses´, when it should be BOLD AND RED at the top of the product description to prevent any misunderstandings. If something prevents a user from using a product, and you expect to charge for it, it should be highlighted in red, not green.
Mistakes happen and refusing to offer a refund because someone misread your listing is just plain wrong. I will change this to a positive review if a refund is given.
22.01.2021 14:49:34
best seller ever thank for spotify
20.01.2021 11:11:36
legiiit luv u
20.01.2021 8:25:57
Nice product =)
Very quality good!
20.01.2021 8:25:35
Nice product =)
Very quality good!