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Uploaded: 28.10.2002

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FX SYSTEM - is a qualitatively new program designed for the study of stock markets, the development of trading strategies, as well as for self-trading in the stock exchange. In particular, it can be used to analyze the rate of any currency market FOREX.

The program combines just three basic functions:

1 - technical analysis (TA);

- Displays graphs of different kinds;

- Construction of technical indicators;

2 - Development and testing of trading systems (TS);

- Writing program trading system;

- Testing of the vehicle;

- Finding the best value of any parameter of the strategy;

3 - Trade in real time on the demo account available for quotes.

- Emulation of the trading account;

- Trade operations (Buy, Sell, GTC, Stop, Limit ...), using the built-in terminal and the history of quotations;

- The ability to check real-time strategy, or simply to gain experience trading.

To create trading systems (TS) uses an internal language of the program FX System, 2-pass compiler and interpreter for execution built vehicle.

The program has a very detailed Help, so that people understand it is not difficult.

Also, the new version integrated indicators of Bill Williams (Alligator, AO, AC) and fractal analysis. It can be an indispensable tool for commerce, using the theory of "Trading Chaos".

Details on

If you are looking for a program that combines all of these features, then you have found what you were looking for.

After paying for inform your e-mail, I will send you the registration key necessary for work.

Good luck in your trading!
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