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This guide covers all major aspects of online promotion on the installation and initial filling until the forum state self-promotion.

Guide created based on the unique successful experience gained in the promotion of the forum on

Get their hands on the product, you will be able to effectively plan their activities for the promotion of the forum, which will allow for a relatively short period of time to get their hands on an effective mechanism to promote your site and space for advertising sales. You will gather around their community site, whose members will communicate with each other and help you to improve the site. You will see how your site's traffic is growing rapidly upwards. There are authors of articles that will present you with the joy of their creations, and your site can rightfully bear the title of the portal.


1. What is the Forum

2. Features promote offline

3. Mechanism Forum

4. The Forum aims to promote

5. We fill forum

6. Promotion Forum

7. Set section of the forum moderators

8. whipping up online

9. monitor the cleanliness Forum

10. Conclusion


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guide belong only Green Lion and Andrus. Partial or complete

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