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112 Zhvanetski "if you promise - wait!"

115 Ivan Bunin IA Do Bunin

118 Roman Brodavko Two monopesy

130 Alexander Nesterov Orpheus and Clara

133 Anatoly KONTUSH Three fragments

138 Mark Girshina Pedigree and brief biography of citizen MM

144 Vladimir Efimenko Wizard

150 Lena KUTINOVA Two files

158 Rough Eisenstadt Bitch-love

194 Vitaly Abramov Kandinsky among other masters of "lost" vanguard

203 Valentine Golubovska Return "Rita"

213 Tetyana Basanets Movoyu etching

218 Prof. VP Snowballs Brief History of the Art Society named Kyriakos Konstantinovich Kostandi

248 Tatiana Shurovo silhouettes last

303 Roman Brodavko Stairs and Eternity, under the shadow of amicable muses

307 Eugene Golubovska And he - Master!

Detective Odessa 308

309 And Don Juan and Cyrano ...

311 From a woman's life
From the Editor:

On Sunday, June 15 at the corner of Deribasovskaya and Transfiguration could be heard alternately celebratory bells main Orthodox Cathedral in Odessa and incendiary Jewish melodies performed by virtuosos who came to our city from many countries to show their art.

It just so happened that matched the Christian Trinity and the First International Festival of Klezmer music. And this match was another indication of a truly international spirit, a tribute to our fellow religious and cultural traditions of many nations and peoples who created South Palmyra more than two hundred years ago and those living here today.

As conceived by the Odessa City Council, the International Charitable Fund "Joint", the World Club of Odessa residents, a music festival dedicated to the memory of the great odessite, a wonderful writer with a tragic fate of Isaac Babel, and was supposed to be the culmination of a months-long campaign to raise funds for a monument to him.

And so it happened. Under the funny and sad, simple and crafty songs in Yiddish and other languages \u200b\u200bof the Jewish diaspora, a dance zamanushki the dais one by one out Odessans, as they say, of different rank, wealth, gender, age and ethnicity. The narrow gap bulky wooden barrels easily slid modest banknotes and barely squeezed impressive envelopes. Each met and accompanied by applause grateful audience, which, however, and she was from donors.

Members of the editorial board of the Almanac, who ascended the platform to perform a civic duty, noted with satisfaction that with the corner of Deribasovskaya and Transfiguration clearly visible and one of the following, which converged with Deribasovskaya Richelieu, which gave the name of our edition.

In Odessa, you need to live a long time. And then continue the family tradition. At one time, in the late 19th century, our ancestors have made money on the construction of the monument to Alexander Pushkin. And today we, their descendants, chipped at the monument to Isaac Babel in June day, when the sky above the Odessa alternately with the ringing of bells sounded and Jewish melodies ...

Here in this city, we with you, dear readers, thank God, we live.
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