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Uploaded: 30.05.2008

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This map should be used with the program SmartComGPS (program for the GPS-navigation and a cartographic orientation for smartphones). On the screen the fragments using a map on the smartphone 7610 (using the Bluetooth module GPS). A map to the area made very accurately, checked personally. To install the card, you need to unzip the file with a map maprnd.rar Rostov-on-Don (2) .ogf2 and file binding Rostov-on-Don (2) .map. Transfer data files in the phone directory \\ Documents \\ SmartComGPS \\ maps
When buying a card for SmartComGPS as a bonus card of Rostov-on-Don for OziExplorer. For further bonus to write in the mail.

For more information, please e-mail or ICQ. If you like this card, do not forget to leave a review.
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