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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 25%
$25 the discount is 35%
$50 the discount is 50%
After payment, you will receive a redemption key for XBOX/Steam/Blizzard/PSN.

✔️Limited edition keys
✔️60 minutes 2XP experience boost
✔️ The code is suitable for any region and has no restrictions

Code activation:
✔️Follow the link
✔️Make sure you are logged in with the XBOX/Steam/Blizzard/PSN/ account you want to activate the key for.
✔️Activate the key and restart the game.

✔️ Guaranteed performance 24 hours after purchase. After this period, claims will not be accepted!
(except for wholesale sales, they must be agreed in advance)After activating the key, please leave a review about the product/delivery/attention
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09.07.2023 15:09:59
Code works, thanks!
30.05.2023 16:21:55
работает топ
10.02.2023 15:23:23
100% working
10.02.2023 15:22:07
code is working
04.02.2023 19:32:20
Огонь без лишних слов !