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After the purchase, you will receive an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription paid for a 1 year on a joint account, using the instructions you will have your nickname, your saves and your progress in games through your account.

This product contains data from a SHARED account and instructions for running a games from subscription on YOUR personal account using our account.
You can download any available game from Xbox Game Pass (games that work through EA and Ubisoft services do not work on PC). You can play ONLINE

Games are linked to YOUR account; this account is only needed to activate games on your account.

Tech operating hours support from 17:00 to 23:59 Moscow time.
26.11.2023 12:54:30
account is invalid or ban,cant be used
24.10.2023 12:25:19
В целом и общем. Товар соответствует. Но сами покупатели долбоящеры. Играют с аккаунта продавца и надо ждать когда этот настойчивый идиот наиграится. Читайте инструкцию!!!!! С аккаунта купленного НЕ ИГРАТЬ!!!
18.10.2023 17:37:59
Всё отлично, работает)
17.10.2023 17:41:06
Спасибо. Всё работает! Удобная активация на консоли.
17.10.2023 9:44:10
Все работает отлично)

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