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Course content:

DAY 1.

1. Briefly about how the search engine Yandex

2. The programs will need to work

3. How can I see what search engine sees the page

4. What does the search engine

5. What is not indexed by search engines

6. How to view html tags

7. How do I see what he sees search engine

DAY 2.

1. 3 service for drawing up a semantic kernel

2. Step by step explanation of how to use the services

3. Why can not I use the search wordsstat yandex requests

4. Where to pick up requests for promotion in search engines

5. Where to find additional requests

6. Selected Examples of requests for promotion

7. The process of regional promotion

8. How often should include keywords in the text of the page

DAY 3.

1. How to optimize the page for search engines

2. How to effectively use the Title, H1 or other tags.

3. That it is impossible to write in the Title

4. How to make Title

5. How can I watch to see the code of any page

6. Examples of quality titles.

7. How to use the keywords and description

8. What is the best use of H1

9. How to hide H1 and not get in the ban

10. Which search engines love text

11. What is the optimal amount of text to promote

12. How to optimize the text on the page

13. The right balance Promoted words

14. How to hide text, and not to get in the ban

15. How to correctly distribute requests for pages

16. Under what words to optimize the page

17. The analysis of the text of the page

18. How not to fall for the spam filter search engine

19. internal linking

20. Examples relink

21. Why perelinkovka

22. Explanation of the main ways to relink

23. In what way is the weight of PS pages

24. How to move via relinking

25. Optimize Site weight

26. How to increase the efficiency of purchased perelinkovka links

27. How to use all the pages of your site to improve the position of the site

28. How to relink and leave the site user-friendly

29. How to avoid the filter when relinking

30. It is easy to raise PR

DAY 4.

1. How to write the anchor text of links

2. What are the anchors work best.

3. How to dilute the anchors and the links for a good result

4. In what ratio to dilute anchors

5. How to avoid the gluing search

6. Do I need to use a text okoloankorny

7. Examples of successful and unsuccessful anchor

8. How to register with the sape

9. How to recharge balance sape

10. Correct, step by step explanation of the creation of the project in the sape

11. What mistakes can be assumed when creating the project

12. How fast can buy links that promote competition

13. A detailed analysis of the search bar areas

14. What level of investments is better to choose. Pros and cons.

15. Should you buy links from Yandex, Dmoz directory.

16. How to use PR and TIC when buying links.

17. What is the optimal number of external links.

18. At what prices to buy links

19. In what subject areas do not buy links

20. Criteria for optimal sites for links

21. How do I close my competitors links

22. As to filter good pitches.

23. How to analyze the site. On what parameters to look for when buying links.

24. What is the number of links actually work.

25. What should I do with purchased links

26. How to check on the performance of already purchased links

27. How many links are beginning to work

28. What to do if you did not have the budget for top 10

29. Do I need to buy a thematic links and which links work best

30. How to react if the search engine to purchase a very large number of links

31. What happens if the purchase very cheap links, and where to find them

32. Can the search engine to calculate seo links.

33. Should I do anchor text for misspelled queries.

34. How to change the texts affixed

35. Are the links to the English-language resources

36. Plug-ins for analysis of sites for links

37. ppm
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