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Uploaded: 03.04.2021

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🆘 Prompt support in case of any questions 🆘

💸 Cashback - after purchase for a positive review, you will receive a gift card.

📦 By buying this product you get:

🔴 Licensed account with IVI subscription until 06.2021.
🔴 Subscription on account from 01.06 to 30.06
🔴 Instant delivery of goods to your mail
🔴 View data: Login: Password
🔴 Warranty for the purchased product for the entire subscription period (for example, subscription until September 20, the warranty will be until the last day of the specified period)

💎 Main features of IVI Plus:

🔻 Maximum quality - 1080FullHD, 4k Ultra HD.
🔻 No ads! Not a single commercial will interrupt the development of the plot.
🔻 You will have the ability to download movies on Android, iOS!
🔻 Daily replenishment of the best TV series and movies

🎓 What should you do after purchase?

1️⃣ After paying for the goods, the data will come to your mail!
2️⃣ Follow the link:
3️⃣ Enter the purchased data in the "Login or register" section
4️⃣ If necessary, connect your TV device
5️⃣ Start watching a movie or TV show you like
6️⃣ To do a small good deed, or rather to leave a positive feedback (this way you improve our service and motivate to get better and better!)

We really appreciate your feedback, so we are very grateful to you in advance for your time.

📜 Other:

📌 It is forbidden to change the data on the account, edit and create new account profiles if you sincerely want the account to work for the entire specified period.
📌 If you have problems accessing your account, you will receive a replacement without any problems.
15.03.2021 10:07:45
Первый раз покупаю на данной платформе, данные приходят моментально и можно сразу пользоваться аккаунтом и смотреть кино.
Цена крайне порадовала, учитывая оригинальные цены на Иви, к слову, оплатить товар можно почти с любого электронного кошелька, когда на Иви это только карта.
13.03.2021 12:19:56
Спасибо, все работает...
13.03.2021 0:19:07
Рекомендую! Данные приходят моментально, абсолютно все соответствует описанию, нареканий нет, рад покупке =)

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