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Uploaded: 06.04.2021

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Attention! Works only in Russian steam you need to use the ip address Russia in other countries does not work.
75 RUR VISA VIRTUAL from the Russian Bank. The best online price!

Prepaid NON-personalized non-refillable MASTERCARD VIRTUAL card with a balance of 75 rubles.

The guaranteed period of the card is 1 days from the date of purchase, regardless of the validity period of the card, please use the card for this time, later no claims will be accepted. A card statement is not provided.
These cards are not suitable for check in Netflix, spotify, Yandex Taxi, Uber and Gettaxi.
19.03.2021 14:58:04
I used the credit card provided to me by the seller to purchase games in STEAM, and STEAM determined that the credit card was fraudulent. Now my account is permanently locked and STEAM does not unlock it.

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