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Only for Russia!!!!!

🔴 ✅ Aliexpress Aliexpress

PROMO CODE for 281 rubles from 352 rubles of the order 🔥 4/5$ FOR a NEW CLIENT

✅Works only on new accounts
✅The minimum order amount is 352 rubles
Акция The promotion is valid only for the first order with delivery to Russia

Check the promo code immediately!!!
Check the coupon within 1 hour after purchase. The only guarantee is that the coupon will work in a new order, on a new akka, when ordering from $ 5 - the discount will be $ 4.
If you use the promo code several times, follow all the conditions for the promo codes to work on novoregov, registration from a new IP-through the incognito browser, usually Mozilla. the data of the recipient of the order should not be repeated - if you ordered several times. And pay with different bank cards, or webmoney, Yandex money.
If the promo code did not work, I will check it myself by creating a new account with the Russian address of receipt,I will send a screenshot that the coupon is working, in this case if it is working, or there will be no refund! Also, there are no replacements and no refunds after the expiration of the warranty of 1 hour for verification.
🔴 Aliexpress has the right to complete any promotion/sale at any time, including the possibility of placing an order with these promo codes , do not delay the order after the purchase

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🔴 🔴 🔴 customers!
Please leave feedback after your purchases-this helps our rating and allows us to reduce prices for you! Thank you < / attention
25.02.2021 14:09:24
Работает, спасибо.
09.02.2021 14:59:01

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