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⏩ After payment you will receive an activation code for Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE for 7 days with an activation region of the USA / Europe (CIS and Russia does not work). The activation code will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. More detailed information about the product will be presented below.*************************** *****************************
Title: Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE
Activation: Microsoft
Product Type: Activation Code
Activation (use) region: EU / US - CIS and Russia does not work.
Gaming platforms: PC, XBOX
Validity: Unlimited
Guarantee: Yes
************************************************* ******⭐️ The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by OUR STORE.
We are the largest store on the PLATY MARKET with over 3 years of experience. We are among the top 13 PLATY MARKET sellers.
📈 Our store had over 50,000 sales on PLATY MARKET, 5,000 of them with positive reviews and only 16 negative reviews. Also, an important indicator is our BUSINESS WEBMANI LEVEL (BLR) - 260 units, which is an indicator of webmoney activity.💬 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is Microsoft´s new offering that includes three subscriptions: Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and the new Xbox Game Pass on PC. The library of available games is constantly updated and today it includes 333 projects, of which 253 are available on Xbox One and 108 on PC.attention🔶 The activation code can be used on both new and old accounts, and you can also renew active subscriptions with these codes./attentionattention🔷 You can also pick up your gift if you write a positive review in the "GIFT CERTIFICATE" section/attentionattention🔨 Instructions for activating the code:
1. Log in to your account or create a new one on by selecting a country from the USA \ Europe (for example, Germany).
2. If the account is old and the country is Russia, then on the page, change the country to USA \ Europe (for example, Germany).
3. We are waiting for several hours to change the country in the profile, or we are logging out of the account on two sites and, expecting that the country of the profile will change.
4. Make sure that the country has changed on the page (it will be seen in brackets) and then enter the 25-digit code received from us, if the code is active, you will be prompted to go to the next step.
5. To activate the keys, it is necessary that one of the payment methods be linked - card or PayPal, with the second, fewer problems were noticed during activation. In this case, the payment is not charged from you.
6. If everything went well, you will see an increase in the validity period of your GAME PASS subscription/attentionattention🧾You need to activate the key here: https://rede
19.01.2021 19:11:49
По приведенной инструкции не получается сменить регион и активировать код.
Продавец на связь вышел. Для решения проблемы посоветовал обратится в Майкрософт.

18.01.2021 18:11:58
имейте в виду, для активации надо менять регион аккаунта на ЕВРОПУ, на РФ НЕ РАБОТАЕТ. продавцу имеет смысл это выделить отдельно, иначе засыпят негативом)
18.01.2021 5:43:40
Отличный магазин, уже около года покупаю у этого продавца, никогда не подводил)))
17.01.2021 15:13:25
17.01.2021 12:37:10
Не смог ввести стану активации!!! Пытался связаться с продавцом!!!! В итоге он ответил через 4 часа и попросил скинуть скриншот с проблемой,на тот момент я купил другую подписку у другого продавца которая без проблем активировалась!!! На просьбу вернуть деньги отказали!!!

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