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Hygienic requirements for microclimate of industrial premises

"Sanitary rules, norms and hygienic standards (hereinafter - the Sanitary Rules) - regulations establishing safety criteria and (or) harmlessness to human factors and its habitat requirements to ensure favorable conditions for its life.

Sanitary rules are binding on all state bodies and public associations, enterprises and other economic entities, organizations and institutions regardless of their subordination and form of ownership, officials and citizens "(Article 3).

"Sanitary offense recognized infringing on the rights of citizens and the interests of society as wrongful, guilty (deliberate or careless) deed (action or inaction), non-compliance of the sanitary legislation of the RSFSR, including the existing sanitary rules ...

Officials and citizens of the Russian Federation who have committed an offense health, may be subject to disciplinary, administrative and criminal responsibility "(Article 27).

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