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Uploaded: 17.12.2020

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Seller: DivineKeys
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$10 the discount is 15%
💫Minecraft is an open world survival sandbox indie computer game developed by Swedish programmer Markus Persson aka “Notch” and produced by Mojang.💫

⚡Minecraft Premium Account ⚡
After payment you will receive data to enter the site \ client of the form login @ domen: password | Without access to mail.
✅ Change your nickname!
✅ Change skin to your own!
✅ Security question not set!
✅ At death, the inventory is not emptied.
✅ When entering the server, there is no sign "Try in 3 seconds"
✅ Ability to log into the server even if it is full
✅ Play on foreign licensed servers
✅ Play interesting mods on servers (MineZ, etc.)
🔴Data from mail is not provided!🔴

❗At the moment, to purchase a product, a mandatory video recording (screen capture) of the purchase process is required, from the moment the payment starts to the moment the account is verified.❗
❓ What to do after purchase ❓
🔻 Please make sure your PC meets the minimum game requirements.

🔥 After payment, the data will be sent to the mail, you can also view them at
🔥 Download and install Minecraft if not installed
🔥 Login to your account
🔥 After checking, if everything is good, leave your positive feedback ❤️
🔥 Play!

If you have any problems with the entrance and the product does not fit, we recommend that you write to me in private messages or in my telegram - @Vierylis, Discord - eejee #1917. If you don´t get an answer within an hour - don´t worry! It´s just that I have things to do, we will solve your problem 100%
Thank you for your attention! ✅

Enjoy your game! 👍
14.01.2021 0:23:17
Account is not working, wrong pass\login
04.01.2021 21:36:25
Аккаунт заменили, все хорошо.
26.12.2020 18:39:36
26.12.2020 16:24:32
A very nice seller. I´ll buy from him many times.

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