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Edition type: Steam key (key)
Region: RU-CIS (Russia and CIS countries)
Game language: Russian (subtitles interface) | English
Released: 12 August 2016
Platform: Windows
Activation: Steam

Inspired by our beloved adventures and ideas from classic science fiction, No Man´s Sky introduces you to a galaxy full of unique planets and life forms, as well as constant threats and action.

In No Man´s Sky, each star is the light of a distant sun, orbiting habitable planets to which you can go if you so wish. Navigate seamlessly between deep space and planetary surfaces, with no loading screens or restrictions. In this endless, procedurally generated universe, you will discover places and creatures that you have not seen before and are probably unlikely to ever see again.

• Embark on an epic journey
The center of the galaxy is an extremely strong pulsation that attracts everyone who wants to discover the true nature of the cosmos. However, when faced with hostile creatures and violent pirates, you will find that death is expensive, and survival comes down to choosing options to improve your ship, weapons and costume.

• Find your own destiny
Your journey through No Man´s Sky is entirely up to you. Perhaps you will become a fighter who takes wealth from weaklings or loot from pirates? As you upgrade your ship for maximum speed and firepower, you will gain true strength. Or a merchant? Find resource-rich lost worlds and make the most of their exploitation. Invest in more cargo space and the rewards are huge. Or perhaps a researcher? Travel beyond the boundaries of the explored territories and discover what no one has been able to see before. Upgrade your engines to jump even further, and upgrade your survival suit in a toxic atmosphere that can kill anyone unaware of the danger.

• Share your trip
The galaxy is a place filled with life and breath. Trade convoys travel between the stars, factions fight for territories, pirates hunt the unwary, and the police are constantly watching what is happening. All players live in a single galaxy, and you can share your discoveries with them on a map that covers the known limits of space. Perhaps you will see the results of their actions as clearly as the results of your own ...

1. Download and install the Steam client - (if not already installed)
2. Run it. Create a new account or go to an existing one
3. Select the "Games" section, then "Activate on Steam ..."
4. Enter the activation key you purchased. After that, the game will appear in the library and you can install it
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Leave positive feedback about the product-get a random game as a gift!
Gifts are sent within 3 days after purchase (it gets every third buyer who left a review on any of my products).

Friends, remember that keys and gifts are a unique product that is not refundable or exchangeable.
Claims are considered only if there is a video of the purchase. It must be CONTINUOUS, starting FROM the MOMENT of payment for the GOODS and ending with an attempt to activate it.

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