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IBAN - All-Union Classification of Branches of National Economy (so far continues to be used in the registration of enterprises). Text is entered on the basis of the 1987 edition of the approved amendments on 15.06.2000, inclusive.

IBAN helps you to create your dictionaries commodity database.

The dictionary contains 780 headings.

The package of two files:

1. The format .xls - size 118 KB, 780 records

2. Format .doc - size 920 KB, 117 pages (detailed description of the classifier)

Files packaged WinZip - file size - 155 KB

- From the explanation of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation:

IBAN is part of the unified system of classification and coding of technical - economic information used in automated control systems in the national economy.

IBAN is intended to provide information for the machining of economic management and is used to solve problems of different levels of automation control and ensuring their compatibility information.

IBAN is a grouping of activities by industry, the nature of the different functions performed by them in the general system of social division of labor.

IBAN is intended to provide a grouping of enterprises and organizations by industry to provide scientific analysis of inter-industry relations and proportions in the development of the national economy, comparability in the analysis of the economic efficiency of social production and the growth of labor productivity, as well as linking the planning and reporting of indicators characterizing the economic and cultural development countries.

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