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Uploaded: 24.03.2021

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In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to record on video the fact of purchasing the goods before the moment of entering according to the data provided to the mail / account. Customer complaints regarding incorrect data will only be considered if the customer provides a video that captures the purchase of the product and an attempt to enter the purchased data. These rules apply to everyone. The seller reserves the right to refuse support without providing this video.

💡 INSTANT Delivery After Payment!
💬 Questions & Help in the online chat of the seller!

🎁 About Account:
✅ The account has a game Valheim
✅ You will receive all data from your account, including mail.
✅ All Region Free Accounts
✅ All the accounts I sell are personal, no one will ever restore them.
✅Email is attached to all accounts;
1. Download the Steam client from the official site and install.
2. Install and run the game

Please leave your positive feedback after a successful account purchase!
08.04.2021 1:27:57
absolutely no problems :3
08.04.2021 1:27:46
everything perfect :)
03.04.2021 5:39:44
Works. ty
02.04.2021 15:19:51
Work perfectly, instant devlivery !! +++
15.02.2021 19:25:32