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Twitch ads. Top-up balance by viewing ads ✅

We are viewing ads on Twitch. on an online stream, a replay of a stream, or a stream recording (VOD).
You are charged a balance for viewing ads.

🌐 Conditions for obtaining a balance from advertising:
1. Choose how many dollars you will accrue per channel for viewing ads.
2. Enter the link to your channel in the field.
3. You must have a companion or affiliate program. Required condition! ✅
4. We can view ads on the online stream!
But it’s better if you had stream recordings on the channel. (video materials) streaming records! not clips. ✅

📢 The balance in the personal account (in income) is updated once a day at 14.00 Moscow time.
📢 Sometimes there are delays in displaying the balance. this problem is on the Twitch side!
📢 Display delays can be up to two weeks! (this rarely happens, but it happens!)
📢 If you received less than dollars than your order. means you have a tax of 10% or 30%
📢 To see what your tax is. fill out the affiliate or affiliate program again
📢 When filling out, your tax is written from twitch !!!
📢 If you. for subscriber or twitch primes. comes in less than $ 2.5. so you have tax from twitch!
📢 The tax does not apply only to bits. everything else is subject to the twitch tax.

We can take into account your wishes upon delivery.ATTENTION! : The seller is not responsible for the possible consequences (blocking, debiting, closing the channel, etc.) for the Twitch Account you specified.
All risks and problems fall on the shoulders of the buyer after the completion of the order. The buyer agrees not to have a complaint if his account receives any restrictions from Twitch./delivery
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