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Exclusive offer! Power armor sets with legendary effects!

These sets of armor cannot be obtained in the game in any way. legendary power armor properties have not yet been added to the game. Here you will find a kit for every taste and for any gameplay. All armor has been completely improved by top-end modifications, and on an ultra-cytite kit, a Jetpack is installed in the hand, which can no longer be done!
PURCHASE:1) Pay lot
2) Enter the Bethesda ID / Login of your account in the "Nickname" field.
3) After payment, you will automatically be transferred to a page with a unique code.
This code will need to be reported to the seller through the window for communication with the seller

-Delivery time is up to 1 hour if we are online or up to 12 hours if offline! For long waiting bonus!/attention
16.05.2020 17:19:26
Все четко и оперативно, как всегда.
Броня огонь!)
15.05.2020 20:11:34
Вторая покупка, все норм. Делает быстро. Душитель ОГОНЬ!