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[All accounts of the PRO version, ~ until 2021-2025, traffic is UNLIMITED. Number of countries to connect in PRO version ~ 53]
Do not connect more than 2 devices./attentionWindscribe is good value for money. This Canada-based VPN offers all the features you might need a VPN for: downloading torrents, browsing Netflix, and using the Internet anonymously and securely.
With servers in more than 50 countries, Windscribe does not have the largest network of servers, but it does its job by providing anonymity and bypassing geographic blocking, including the great Chinese firewall.
And with affordable plans and a free version, it certainly won’t undermine your budget.
Windscribe provides applications for all major platforms, as well as installation guides for the router. The company sells pre-configured routers if you do not want to go through this entire installation process.
Featuring OpenVPN technology and AES-256 bit encryption, Windscribe offers strong encryption and complete anonymity. They also offer IPv6 connectivity to client-side firewalls; plus all DNS queries go through a tunnel that provides complete protection against information leakage.
In addition to the functions of the VPN itself, Windscribe also has several add-ons.
For example, they offer an ad blocker; Anti-Social tool that removes posts from social networking sites; Nonraceable tool that removes banner ads from websites you visit; and the Split Personality tool, which changes the user of your browser.
1. After purchasing this product, you will receive a text such as mail: password | login
2. After that, you need to download the version of the program for your OS.
3. After installation, log in using the data received. (Either enter your mail or login)
4. To use.
5. For any questions, please write in personal messages on the site.
6. Do not change your email address or password, or you will lose your warranty!
7. 1 month warranty.In the standard warranty for a month in case of problems with the account, we make a replacement for you, but you have the opportunity to purchase an additional (extended) guarantee, in which we will make a replacement for FREE (2-3 months)! </ delivery>The list of products that you can purchase from us in the store:attention
01.07.2020 19:25:17
Все отлично работает. Пользуюсь впн уже около месяца на всех устройствах.
24.06.2020 12:05:22
It was good.
23.06.2020 16:25:51
все отлично!
14.06.2020 12:01:59
Аккаунт рабочий, подписка до 2028 года)
30.05.2020 14:15:31

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