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After purchasing the product, you can change the data to yours.
Logging in through the client is Epic Games, not SocialClub.Only personal accounts are for sale. These accounts are also not played. Nobody will take them away. All data is subject to change.❗️ Before you buy a product, we ask you to carefully study all the conditions! It is important!
❗️ Since fraud has become more frequent, we require that you record video (the frame must have time on your device) BEGINNING PAYMENT and receipt of the GOODS, BEFORE ITS ACTIVATION (there should not be any glue, cuts, or interruptions in the video). < / delivery>                                    
❗️ If your product does not work or other problems with it, we recommend that you contact the seller immediately (preferably within 10 minutes after payment) and do not leave a negative comment until they answer you. They will answer you shortly! The human factor cannot be canceled either - sometimes you need to wait, messages are never ignored.
Where to write? Screenshot:
💬 Average response time: from 1 hour to 5 hours.Immediately after payment for the goods you will receive in your mail:
✅ Account - login @ domen: password (this information is required to enter💬 You can change the data on the account will be available after the purchase of the product./delivery/attentionattentiondelivery💬 We inform you that it is important for us to receive a positive feedback from you, therefore, as a thank you, you can receive a gift by writing to us in correspondence./delivery/attention
26.11.2020 21:43:00
Legit. Account worked perfectly
04.10.2020 21:13:19
28.09.2020 15:26:42
Awesome seller, will buy again for sure.
26.09.2020 12:41:05
Все отлично. Все данные проверил, игра на месте.
26.09.2020 2:49:26
very fassst proooo

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