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INSTALLED DISTRIBUTION LINK: Retail Key Activator. Instant delivery after payment. Key Performance Guarantee and SupportImmediately after payment you will receive a UNIQUE key that activates the license.
The GLOBAL key can be activated and used in ANY country and in ANY language of the world! (OS Windows)
• Number of devices: 1 pc
• License: OEM, It has no restrictions (Not for corporate use, only for private)
• License term: Unlimited
• Language: All languages ​​of the world
• System capacity: x86 / x64 bit OS Windows

Key activation also includes new systems that are already in use, with the safety of all data.The key from the official distributor and syncs with your Microsoft user account!
(for installation, you must specify Login / password in the settings or during product installation)
This distribution provides the ability to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro• The product has no time limit;
• DOES NOT: MSDN / Dreamspark, a developer key, a multiply-account key (Volume MAK, KMS, multi-key), a training version, or a corporate keyattentiondeliveryIF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY WITH INSTALLING THE PRODUCT OR OTHER MATTERS INTERESTING YOU, YOU CAN WRITE US TO THE CHAT!/delivery/attentionMicrosoft Official Technical Support (Product is NOT MSDN or Dreamspark)
We always support our customers and guarantee the key is working!attentiondeliveryWe are certified Microsoft distributors, which is documented by a license!/delivery/attention
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