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Uploaded: 16.09.2020

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Sold: 505
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Seller: XboXPlay
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 5%
$10 the discount is 10%
$25 the discount is 15%
$50 the discount is 20%
⚠️ To activate a subscription, any previous Xbox subscription on your account should already expire at this point (Ea access does not affect) ⚠️
If you try to activate a subscription card on an account on which the subscription has not yet ended, an error will occur (a message pops up: "Free trial version is for new customers"), and the system will not allow you to activate the card until the previous subscription has expired.
- Suitable for all regions of the Xbox Live service
- A list of available games can be found here -🔨 How to get +1 month? *
1. Create a new account by specifying in the field "Registration Address" the address is not in Russia, but, for example, in the USA or England.
* It is also possible to activate an additional month on the old account by changing the region of account registration, provided that you have not used this offer on it yet.
2. Attach your bank card or credit in the account settings.
3. In the Xbox mobile application, change the region to USA and the language to ENGLISH.
4. Activate the subscription (upon activation, the system should show you that an additional free month is available)
5. After activating the key, cancel the auto-renewal:* ATTENTION!!! The additional free month promotion is controlled by Microsoft itself. All responsibility remains with them.
We do not guarantee that at the time of purchase of this code the promotion may be valid, moreover, the promotion may expire at any time.
If you have previously received a bonus month on your account, Microsoft may refuse to receive you 1 month for the promotion. (We recommend creating a new account). The possibility of receiving an additional month will be visible in the process of entering the code, and not after activating the code./attention/delivery
If you have any problems with activation, please do not rush to leave a negative review, describe the problem in the "correspondence with the seller" section, and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
14.09.2020 20:52:43
Все шикарно))
13.09.2020 15:12:20
Всегда пользуюсь этой услугой, именно у этого продавца всегда все работает) просто супер!
19.08.2020 18:35:45
хочу подарок!
18.08.2020 14:20:57
Good seller, responded to my query and helped me solve it
07.01.2020 11:40:38

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