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Subscription PlayStationPlus is a service that gives players access to a range of additional bonuses and helps to make the most of all the features of the PS4 game systems. Join PlayStation Plus and immerse yourself in a world of exciting multiplayer games for PS4. Build your team and compete with the strongest players from all over the world. Invite friends from the PlayStation Network to play PS4 games that you have but your friends don´t have with SharePlay: share an adventure, challenge them in a multiplayer battle or take control in a single-player campaign.
Get over 60 games a year at no extra charge for your PS4 consoles. Get access to fresh games, demos and betas before other players. Store online backups of saved game data using 100GB of space for your PS4 and keep playing from where you are staying, wherever you are.
PlayStation Plus is for those who play. To access an online game on the PS4, you must have an active subscription. Materials are updated monthly at no additional charge and remain available for the duration of an active subscription.
How to redeem:
1. Register PlayStation.Network account on (or use existing one)
2. Log in to Playstation Store via PlayStation4, PlayStation3, PSP, PSP Go or Media Go software on your PC.
3. Choose Redeem Prepaid Card.
4. Enter 12 symbols of the code and click "Continue"
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish code redeeming.

Additional information
This code can be redeemed only on Russian accounts!

Other denominations of cards PlayStation Network RUS:
500 -
1000 -
1500 -
2000 -
2500 -
3000 -
3500 -
4000 -
4500 -
5000 -
5500 -

PlayStation Plus Subscriptions (PSN Plus) RUS:
90 days -
365 days -
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Very good!
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все супер
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рекомендую продавца

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