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We always have servers in: RU, CA, US, UK, DE, NL, HK. If you need other country ask operator.

We use shadowsocks protocol and can´t see your encrypted traffic. More information:

No logs on the servers. No thousands of users on servers.

We can´t guarantee fast speed in China. But servers work there. Average speed about 5-10 Mb/s. But sometimes it slows down to 200-500 Kb/s.

One-click clients for linux, windows, macos, android and iphone. Just download and insert server settings which you will get.

We have no restrictions: you can use VPN on any device you have and download as much as you can on maximum speed. All these settings depends on hoster status. But if you violate with usage of servers or traffic you will lose opportunity to use our servers.

If you have a VPS which is allowed to connect from Turkmenistan we can setup any type of VPN on it: ss, ssr, ss+obfs/v2ray. Contact us and we will discuss the price.

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06.10.2020 19:34:38
Все работает, выслали 2 сервера, оба подключились и работают стабильно.
12.09.2020 10:09:18
Выслали несколько серверов для выбора, работают стабильно. Для Туркменистана отлично подходит.
29.06.2020 19:46:49
Товар доставлен.