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WinX Private is a private cheat for Counter-Strike Global Offensive from This hack has an excellent aimbot, recoil compensation, improved ESP (walhack), trigger boat, radar hack, antiflash and a perfect bannichop.
WinX Private is ideal for playing in competitive mode on the STEAM version of CS: GO, but it also works great on any other mode and on any cards.Benefits:    - works in full screen mode CS: GO
    - automatic update for every update CS: GO and VAC
    - reliable closed ban protection algorithms
    - without reference to one computer
    - everything is already configured, download and run
    - all functions can be turned on and off individually
    - great for boost rank in CS: GO
    - fully automatic purchase and activation: start using the cheat immediately after paymentYou can watch the video of each function on the official cheat page
The cheat has 7 powerful functions with which you move and shoot as a professional player! It will be interesting to play - the cheat will not do all the work for you, and any of the functions can be disabled.

A powerful aimbot with flexible settings will help you get into the heads of enemies (or another part of the body as desired). The aimbot guidance system does not affect the game’s memory, which makes it safe on VAC (and other anti-cheats) and efficient in a variety of conditions. Aimbot is very “human”, it does not twitch at all, it performs movements as if it were a professional shooting.
The triggerbot will automatically shoot at the enemy as soon as he appears at the crosshairs of your sight. Have you seen professionals catching with AWP in a small slot? Now you can too!
Compensates spray guns. It has 2 modes (only one can be activated at a time).
1. NO SPREAD - The function disables the dispersion of weapons. Visually, this is implemented so that the program will automatically adjust the cursor horizontally so that the spread is minimized. The return is retained.
2. FULL COMPENSATION - Full compensation for shooting. All bullets fly to one point with a slight error. The program automatically corrects the cursor both horizontally and vertically so that you get there where you aimed initially.

Shows enemies directly on the radar inside the game. It looks as if you are seeing all the enemies directly (natural radar).

The upgraded Wallhack (ESP) shows a glow around players behind walls and other obstacles. ESP can show different colors of players with different levels of health. Separate highlighting of opponents with AWP in their hands. Legit Mode for highlighting only visible opponents.

When you enable the NO FLASH function, the cheat will automatically detract you from the explosion of a light grenade. You will know that you are blinded, but see everything.

You can accelerate (+ 20% to speed) by jumping. Unlike scripted bunnyhops that just spam out of place a space bar, our perfect Bunnyhop jumps only at the moment when you just touched the ground.attentionWinX Private is CS: GO´s best friend. Buy and download now./attention
19.02.2021 21:38:39
16.02.2021 6:29:09
04.02.2021 18:23:05
чит робит всё норм, были проблемы с активацией, не выдавалась минут 10, не знал чё делать.
06.01.2021 0:29:54
good seller
23.11.2020 2:10:05
good seller

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