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We are glad to see you on our page!

Dear Clients!
We offer you various services related to Twitch: Bits \ Cheers , Views, Twitch Primes, Twitch Followers, etc.
Accrual in parts is available.
We make you an admission schedule and advise for free!
Special offers to wholesale customers.Main requirement: Having a Twitch affiliate or partner program.Delivery terms :
Delivery times are from 5 minutes to 7 days. On average, delivery is up to 24 hours.

Terms of purchase and delivery:
1 - After the purchase, please contact us in any way convenient for you.
2 - * IMPORTANT * In contacting us, provide the 16-digit code that you received after purchase. Until you submit this code, we will not be able to process your application.
3 - The operator will answer you that the application has gone into processing, from that moment the actual time for processing the application begins.The seller is not responsible for the possible consequences (blocking, debiting, closing the channel, etc.) for the Twitch Account you specified.
All risks and problems fall on the shoulders of the buyer after the order. The buyer agrees not to have complaints if his account receives any restrictions from Twtich. We guarantee only crediting Bits to your account.

attention***** WHY WE *****
- More than 800 positive reviews about our work.
- Over 5,000 different items sold.
- Merchant certificate. Registration in the WebMoney system 10 years ago!
- Support in English available./attention
24.02.2021 16:44:55
23.02.2021 22:12:11
nice seller and fast :)
23.02.2021 19:24:39
Perfect seller to work with !
23.02.2021 19:19:55
Very fast response time,great seller
23.02.2021 19:12:17
perfect comunication and fast delivery

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