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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$4000 the discount is 40%
$7000 the discount is 50%
INDIVIDUAL DISCOUNTS FROM VOLUME! Write to contacts for advice Contacts -

Checked all the promo workers

When buying a discount can reach 51% of the price. 1% per review. and 50% cumulative discount on the volume of purchases. With all the discounts, the price can be from 145 rubles for a promotional code.

Buying a promotional code - you automatically agree to all the conditions described below.

Promotion codes expire on 15.07.2020

DO NOT USE THE REDIRECT - for this were zeroing!

Warranties for this price are only for activation of the promotional code for 4 hours. There is no guarantee against canceling, please pay attention to this immediately and not leave claims later if suddenly if Yandex decides to reset the bonus on your account! Yandex reserves the right to refuse any Participant of the Promotion to participate in the Promotion at any stage and in relation to any Service. I have a similar product that costs 1000 rubles more with a guarantee - you can pay attention to it. Therefore, I ask you to assess your risks adequately and make a decision.

Many people buy and do not reset anything from them - they manage to unscrew in 1-2 days. The zeroing risks are highest on Monday and Tuesday.

In fact, the main thing for you at this price is to have time to spend at least 700 rubles in order to beat off the promotional code. Next comes the profit from the promotional code.

Coupons are suitable for old and existing Yandex.Direct accounts / domains. Write to contacts for advice (contacts
The payer is standard (Russia and rubles were specified when creating the cabinet)
Just drive the coupon into the valid directive accounts and replenish it by 7000 + 1400nds and get a bonus of 8000 + 1600nds on the account will be 15k or 18k with VAT

Discount for feedback! for individual discounts, write to chat or telegram


Yandex Direct Promo Code for 8000 Russian rubles.
You can activate as a physical. person paying by any credit card, webmoney, paypal.
Payment from legal faces also works.

Activate the coupon, replenish by 7000 + VAT and get 15000 rubles on the balance
All coupons are checked for validity, exactly working.
Please do not buy fraudsters, such a scheme how to activate and say that the used coupon will not work. I will find out the exact time of activation of the coupon! Replacing non-working promos strictly by continuous video recording from the time of purchase until the coupon is driven into your account.
If you want to know my observations and the situation with coupons at the moment, write to Contacts -
29.06.2020 14:06:33
Отличный продавец, беру купоны постоянно. На поставленные вопросы - отвечает в течение дня.
27.06.2020 15:26:55
26.06.2020 0:01:52
Супер! Беру не в первый раз - Все работает!
25.06.2020 17:19:32
Спасибо! Активировал!
25.06.2020 11:03:14
Все отлично, все работает!

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