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Gift card PREMIUM PLUS - is a comfortable, modern and universal means of payment, with which you can securely pay for goods and services in more than 32 million merchant locations worldwide that accept payment cards MasterCard, and also on the Internet.
Suitable for any site with the logo «Visa» or «Paypal» - wherever conventional take credit or debit cards.

You will receive a picture of both sides of the card upon the payment.

Check the balance, see the latest transactions (for example, for Paypal verification) following the link (in the upper right corner of the page, select RU to change the language):
You can also set a password for SecureCode (3-D Secure) by clicking on the yellow button next to the balance information "Set / recover password for purchases on the Internet".

This card is not virtual. This is a real MASTERCARD, which can be sent to your address for an additional fee.

Paying in other currencies than EUR inflicts an additional 3% fee.
Request for a document confirming a card transaction - € 10.
Checking your card account statement on the Internet is free. - here you can see the cost of the bank´s services provided with these cards. You can switch to Russian in the upper right corner or use the translator

12.07.2020 21:45:35
ссылка на карту пришла за 2 минуты
техподдержка быстро отвечает при необходимости
16.05.2020 16:23:56
Все отлично!
25.04.2020 10:58:16
Агонь! три карты нужный мне сервис отклонил, эта прошла. уже замучился искать нормальную. Спасибо!
18.04.2020 14:54:03
++++ Really Awsome ++++
24.04.2019 22:46:00
Very Good!

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