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Just Cause 3: XXL Edition includes the universally recognized Just Cause 3 game, as well as a selection of the best tasks, weapons and equipment that will expand your Medici universe. This edition of the game will appeal to beginners who want to immediately immerse themselves in all the adventures of Rico with the best weapons and exotic vehicles.

The set includes the following items:

Just Cause 3
Pass "In the air", "On the ground" and "On the sea"
Set of military equipment
Set of explosive weapons
Rocket Fur "Reaper"
Kuosawa rifle
How to activate the code Steam

1. Run the program Steam (if you do not have it, then you can download it here:
2. Log in.
3. In the top menu, select Games -> Activate via Steam.
4. Accept the terms of the agreement and enter the resulting code.
5. Proceed further according to the instructions and download the activated game.

Collectible Cards - YES!
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