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Uploaded: 14.10.2020

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26$ MASTERCARD VIRTUAL prepaid virtual MasterCard card with a balance of 26 USA dollars.

The card with this balance used for registration of the seller´s account in Google Play. Do not buy this card for other purposes.

Accepted almost everywhere, on some sites asks for a 3Ds code.

The guaranteed period of the card is 1 days from the date of purchase, regardless of the validity period of the card, please use the card for this time, later no claims will be accepted.
On request, statement and the current balance of the card are provided.

Card balances cannot be refunded.
These cards are not suitable for check in PayPal, Yandex Taxi, Uber and Gettaxi.
12.10.2020 1:31:49
работает, рекомендую!
20.05.2020 17:48:37
пользуюсь этими картами уже долгое время и не когда не было с ними проблем, рекомендую этого продавца.
04.04.2019 23:34:12
Very professional approach to the customer. Good quality cards. I recommend buying.
17.03.2019 0:54:59
Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this seller to anyone.
07.01.2019 14:44:48
working well on Facebook Ads Also