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replenish Skype in the amount of 30 Usd.
Write to the operator in the chat, he will help you, answer your questions.
Money transfer is made manually by our operator!
(On your Skype account, the currency is automatically converted by your region)HOW IT WORKS?
1. After payment you specify Skype login to replenish.
2. We send you a request for add-ons to contacts that you accept.
3. You give the code to our operator on Skype.
4. We transfer the paid amount to you, 30 USD.

THIS IS NOT A Voucher Replenishment !!!
ATTENTION! Recharge your balance It is not made instantly !!!
Please note that the transfer of funds is done manually and depends on the availability of the operator. Therefore, if you did not receive the transfer as quickly as you expected, please be patient.
24.01.2021 14:27:24
ok thanks
30.12.2020 22:16:53
надеюсь что так будет и дальше.
30.12.2020 22:16:25
надеюсь что так будет и дальше.
15.12.2020 7:54:00
All is good, thanks.
14.12.2020 19:01:44
Все в порядке.

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