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If you are a supporter of modern operating systems, then it is advisable to buy Windows 10 Home - a product ideally adapted for home use. The full potential of the system is revealed here, it is great for use in combination with modern computers with high performance. If before that you have never encountered this product, you will be pleasantly surprised by its speed and stability. If you like computer games, often watch movies, travel around the Internet in search of interesting information, then a PC with this operating system will become as comfortable as possible for home use.

After payment you will instantly receive a license key to activate the Windows 10 Home product.
The buyer pays only the activation code.
All links to the original images that come with the key are exclusively a bonus from the store.
The electronic license key is delivered without any boxes, stickers, discs, etc. as a text form (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX).

Most often bought with this product:
👔 Microsoft Office 2019 for home and study [Forever] ✅
1. Download the program to download the distribution package from the Microsoft website at:

2. Select:
"Create installation media for another computer"

3. In the "Choose architecture and release language" window, select:
Windows 10
X32, x64 bit architecture, or both at once (to get a single distribution),

4. Install Windows 10 Home and upgrade to the latest version (install all the latest updates).

After installation, activate Windows 10 Home via the Internet using the purchased code.

If you already have the original Windows 10 Home distribution installed,
just activate it with the purchased registration code.

**** Windows 10 Home 32/64 bit ****
** for partners: we can provide you with special conditions - deductions up to 30% of the cost of our goods (write to chat) **

OUR MISSION is to provide EVERYONE with access to legal and licensed software for relatively little money.

Our products:
🎁 Windows 10 Pro + consultation ✅
✅ Windows 10 Home + discount + guarantee OFFICIAL PARTNER
👔 Microsoft Office 2019 for home and study [Forever] ✅
👔 Office 2019 Home and Business (Win / Mac) [Permanent] ✅
👔 Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Official ✅
11.11.2020 20:13:06
It´s hard to say the product works, but the seller could not help specifically.
26.10.2020 15:00:12
Продавец отзывчивый. Ключ прислал рабочий (хоть и не с первого раза).
11.09.2020 22:41:24
Купил товар, ключ пришел сразу, все норм.
24.12.2019 7:17:52
Отлично ! Перевел всю домашнюю технику на лицензионные ключи, с момента покупки первого прошло уже 3 месяца и все отлично! Рекомендую !
23.10.2019 15:01:41
Замечательный продавец! Впервые покупал ключ windows, но всё прошло замечательно! Уже переустановил систему и работаю с новым ключом! Всё как в описании продукта, в общем рекомендую! Однозначно буду обращаться ещё!

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