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Uploaded: 09.01.2021

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Seller: smartgirl
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Recommendations for working with tablets - 4
English Alphabet - 5
Transliteration - 8
Question words - 14
Plural of nouns-15
The base table of the verb to BE - 17
120 variants of tablets - 20
Testing - 140
Transcription icons and their pronunciation-143
Dictionary - 144

Glad to introduce you my materials, which will show you that English can be easy, understandable and comfort.
Here is a selection of materials that will allow you to achieve automatism, ease and understanding in a short time, as well as contribute to the expansion and replenishment of your vocabulary.
For tutors and teachers this is an excellent guide for students to additional homework and tasks for the summer.
So your students will be always "in good shape" and by September still will remember the basics.
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