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For OLD AND CURRENT RK Yandex Yandex direct. Promo code 15,000 rub.

Very cool offer on Yandex Direct.
In Yandex, coupons have appeared that can be reused within the same account.
- you can activate an account with any history (at least 10mln expense)
- domains can be any number on the account
- You can activate an unlimited number of pieces in a row. If you enter several coupons prozapas in one account, creating balances of 60,000 (4 coupons) or more (yes this works), you take the risk. Nobody knows what they’ll come up with in Yandex in a week. Given the extremely low risks and huge benefits, I would advise charging all accounts with multiple coupons.

Pay 7000 rubles VAT, get a bonus of 8000 rubles VAT. Balance 15,000 VAT And so in a row as many times as you want.
The credited bonus has no time limit.
Availability is very limited.

You can change and add domains in your account.
Promotional codes are suitable for activation in the old account, before that the promotional code was activated or not
A redirect cannot be used on these accounts either.

Promotion code Yandex.Direct with a face value of 7000 rubles. for Russian accounts in rubles, you can advertise in any country.
Activate the coupon, replenish it with 7000 VAT (8400 with VAT) and get 15000 (18000 with VAT) rubles on the balance sheet.

All coupons are checked for validity, workers. Reliable verified official source!
Please do not buy fraudsters, such a scheme as activating and saying that the used coupon will not work.
I will find out the exact time of activation of the coupon, the account where it is activated will be banned due to verification of payment data!

You can top up by any means, for example, by credit card, webmoney, paypal ...
Payment from legal faces also works.

No seller, including me, refunds in the event of an account suspension. If banned, look for the reason not in the promotional code.

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