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I suggest you save a significant% of the budget with the promotional code for advertising in Yandex.Direct.
Promo code, Yandex Direct coupon for 4,500, balance of 6,000 with a replenishment of only 1,500

Please do not buy fraudsters, such a scheme as activating and saying that the used coupon will not work. At the same time I will find out the exact time of activation of the coupon!

General conditions for coupon activation on

 The bonus is credited when replenishing the account by 1500 + VAT (1800 rubles with VAT) rubles. The account balance will be 6000 rubles. (7200 rub. Including VAT)
You can replenish by any means.

The activated promotional code will be canceled if you change the domain or add any other domain to the advertising office. In this case, the remaining money on the account with the promotional code will be withdrawn, minus the money already spent on advertising campaigns.

Go to and create your first advertising campaign.
Choose the keywords for which ads should be displayed, compose texts, indicate the regions and time of impressions, and send the ads for review.
Form an account for at least 1500 + VAT rubles to pay for the placement.
Enter the promotional code in the appropriate field on the payment method selection page.
After paying to the account of your advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct, additional money will be credited by the promotional code.
When creating an advertising campaign, you can contact the customer service department by phone: 8 800 234-24-80 (daily, from 5:00 to 00:00, Moscow time) or through the feedback form.
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Нехороший продавец. Хамло.
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Спасибо! Работает!
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Все работает

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