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Content: Minecraft (i) (14).txt (29 B)
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Uploaded: 16.06.2019

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You buy a license key for Minecraft game.

This version is multilingual and without any restrictions on the activation region.
Activation of Minecraft

1) Go to site and create an account
2) Go to "Redeem Prepaid Card" and enter our license key.
3) Come up with a name for themselves in the game and you can download the game.

Do not forget to write reviews)
20.07.2019 21:39:40
Спасибо большое, ключ работает! Хочу подарок!)
12.04.2018 21:05:26
Всё активировалось успешно.
02.12.2016 18:47:36
Спасибо! 5 минут - полёт нормальный =3

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