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After payment of the order, the system automatically (without our participation) instantly sends you a link to access the official account recharge key (Wallet Balance) on Steam for $ 5 ($ 5) - this is the equivalent, the card was not originally a dollar! If your account is in a different currency, this amount will be converted at the current exchange rate.
The key has no territorial restrictions and can be activated in any country (BUT NO IN ARGENTINA, SOUTH AFRICA)!
- Log in to your Steam account
- Click on Account "your user name" in the upper right corner and you will be directed to your account.
- On your right-hand side of the Data page, users have a blue box that displays the current status of Wallet Balance.
- Directly under the Wallet Balance, there is a link to enter the code from the card and credited to your Steam Wallet

Our reliability tested over the years:
* Over 9 years on the market!
* More than 150 thousand sales over 12000 positive feedback!
* Webmoney Business level (BL) above 550!
* All our keys only from authorized distributors!
* We take full responsibility for the products sold by us and give 100% quality guarantee!
09.04.2021 1:55:46
08.04.2021 15:55:41
Nice product
08.04.2021 15:55:23
01.04.2021 16:21:48
Все пришло моментально, спасибо
24.03.2021 13:11:43

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