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Streamhack is a private cheat for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, with functionality designed for streaming. It will come in handy for those who stream or record video. All information from the cheat is drawn over CS: GO windows. Screen capture programs simply do not see it. Therefore, using

StreamHack is the easiest way to "pump" your skill in the eyes of other people without spoiling your reputation. It is enough to leave only "Triggerbot" and "Wallhack" to easily get "Global Elite", while remaining clean and fluffy in the eyes of other people on the server. You can customize the cheat as you like. Therefore, if one day you don’t skimp on a first-class product, then the time spent in the CS: GO world will become easy and relaxed, and the top ranks will not keep you waiting long without spending extra efforts.

Streamhack includes:
Triggerbot is a cheat that provides automatic fire on hover. As soon as you aim at an enemy, the triggerbot immediately fires a shot. It is simply impossible to avoid his shot - he checks your scope 1000 times per second. Now not a single goal will leave you!

Wallhack (ESP, Glow) is a cheat that allows the player to see highlighted enemies through walls and various obstacles, as well as know their names, weapons used, ammo, health and much more. You no longer need to worry about malicious opponents unexpectedly sneaking up and taking you by surprise. Now you will always be aware of their actions, you will easily discern their vulnerabilities and will be able to adequately resist them.

RadarHack is a cheat that always displays enemies on your map.
RCS - Recoil Control System. In the on position, all bullets will fly to one point. Draws a crosshair in the center of the screen. The sight moves and shows where the bullets are going.

Detailed description of functions and answers to questions:
Terms of use of private projects and regulations on use:
After registering on our site, you can download the latest version of the cheat and conduct a free test for 1 day.
Why buyers prefer cheats from ARMGAMES:
• 5 years on the cheat market.
• Over 172,000 sold subscriptions
• More than 3900 positive reviews
• Cheats are removed at startup and leave no traces.
• Constant and automatic updates.
• Active group VKontakte and chat inside cheats.
• Fast technical support through our forum.
• The https protocol is used to protect the client´s personal data.
• A large number of options for fine tuning cheats + the ability to disable unnecessary functions.
• Automatic system for resetting the key binding to the computer (hwid), works 24/7.
• Frequent draws of prizes for buyers of private cheats.
• Cumulative discount (up to 25%) for regular customers.
• Works in all game modes.
• You can change the settings while playing.
• Ability to stop subscription: the time on your cheat can be frozen if you need to go somewhere.
• Return of time for subscriptions, if cs go was updated or the cheat did not work for technical reasons.


Before use, be sure to read the manual:
19.09.2018 19:01:32
все чудесно
07.05.2018 20:05:37
02.05.2018 2:33:02
ЕБать невьебенно
18.04.2018 17:58:27
Hack is good but its only russian language
25.02.2018 17:32:03

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