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IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYMENT, YOU GET THE Xbox Live Gold Ultimate Activation Key for 14 days = XBOX LIVE GOLD 14 DAYS FOR Xbox One (All Regions) Russia Game Pass subscription for 14 days.

* You will receive in your account Also, a link to a page with a key will come to your e-mail specified at purchase

The key is intended only for Xbox One and only for downloading free games by Gold status!

IMPORTANT! If activation does not go through the console, follow these steps:
1. Select United States right here
2. Next, go to and enter the code
3. You will be transferred to, there confirm the activation of the code.Xbox Live Gold Trial provides temporary access to Xbox Live features, including multiplayer online games.
Using this card, you can create a new account in the Xbox LIVE service for 14 days on which Gold status has not been previously activated.
The card is suitable for accounts of any country.

Attention! This is a Live Gameplay Status card, you get almost the possibility of Gold status (you can’t download games and access Internet sites from your console, such as, and others).
But you can play online with other players.
You will not be able to play the World of Tanks Console.

Instructions for creating a new account on Xbox Live:
1) On the Xbox Live welcome page, click Continue.
2) Enter a NEW gamertag (nickname) that you have not used before.
3) The next step is to enter the Windows Live ID. Click "NO" to create a new account.
4) Choose a country.
5) Select a language and indicate the date of birth.
6) Enter a new email address that you have not used before to create your Windows Live ID.
7) Enter the password and security question.
8) Then enter the first name, last name, phone number and contact email.
9) Accept the terms of use.
10) Click "Redeem code" and enter the purchased 25-digit code.
11) Done!

To activate the card through the site:

• go to the website;
• follow the link "Sign In" in the upper right corner;
• log in to your account;
• go to the "Manage Profile";
• select "Redeem Prepaid Card";
• enter the purchased code. export.
For the Xbox One console, you get:
- free games for for Gold.
- Discounts on special offers for Gold.
- the possibility of network mode.
- A bonus subscription for 14 days of Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass for PC under Win 10.
After 14 days, you will need to renew the Xbox Live Gold status again.

For Xbox 360 Console:
- the possibility of network mode.
- Bonus Xbox Game Pass subscription for 14 days for PC under Win 10.
you cannot:
- purchase Gold Games with discounts
- play online in World of Tanks
- the key cannot be activated on the console!
- the key must be activated on the site or through the Xbox application.
03.08.2020 14:56:06
01.08.2020 18:07:10
Продавец красавец,мало того что получил голд(который мне был нужен)так еще и гейм пасс
26.07.2020 6:08:55
Всё работает,да и причём так дёшево,раньше за 100 рублей брал,а тут нашёл за 55,бомба)
23.07.2020 11:17:17
Два раза купил для себя и для друга, все активируется и работает. Замечательно, спасибо
21.07.2020 1:24:46

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