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Available: 140
Uploaded: 30.06.2020

Positive responses: 100
Negative responses: 2

Sold: 100
Refunds: 100

Seller: Koma*
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 1%
$30 the discount is 2%
$80 the discount is 5%
Buying this product, you instantly receive a license account Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5 from the platform Socail Club

Have app before purchasing, carefully read all the conditions!
Have I always remove video purchases account, as well the time of inspection of the goods must be in the same video !!!
Have this before you leave negative feedback, write about your problem to the seller,
we will try to answer as soon as possible.
Write a message through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment). Not to be confused with the form of a REVIEW!
We do not check the account for servers.

After purchasing the product you get:
Account login@domen:password or login:password (from data entry in
Mail to this product is not available !

No refund, only replacement in case of invalid account when buying.
After purchase, be sure to change your email and password
If you have not changed the data in your account, there is no replacement.
All accounts with licensed games.
=================================================================All accounts are checked for efficiency before being sold.
After buying the goods, you can change the data: "mail / password"
Log in through the Social Club </ delivery>

After purchase, follow these steps:
1. Go to the profile
2. Entering mail and password -
3. Go to the settings -
4. Click edit -
5. Changing mail -
6. Change the password -
No confirmation from the old mail is not necessary!
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
1. Go to and click on ENTER.
2. Enter the data received after purchase
3. Go to the GAMES tab and click on the LOGIN (screenshot)
4. In the upper right corner click on the icon, in the menu that appears, click GAME DOWNLOAD (screenshot)
5. Click to download DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS (screenshot)
6. Install and enjoy the game!
7. Also do not forget to change email and password

Play online
1. Go to the profile
2. We go through to the launcher GTA V
3. Play Online mode.

Play OFFLINE (The storyline campaign)
1. You can not change the login data
2. You need to go to the folder C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc, open the file host (notepad).
3. Write down below:
4. When entering the SC client, put a check mark on the "automatic login".
5. Select the offline mode.
6. We play in OFFLINE Mode. </ Attention>
attentionTerms of Purchase:
1. The store provides you with an account immediately after payment. All accounts have the form - login @ domen: password. Data from the Social Club system.
2. After buying an account, its further destiny is completely on your shoulders. We can not control the account and your actions. Can you changed the password / resold / gave the friend / computer viruses / etc.
3. If the account that you bought is not valid (login is not suitable: password), then immediately (within 15 minutes) we write a message through the form "Correspondence with the seller" (available after payment for the goods). Not to be confused with the form with a REVIEW!
4. Guarantee for an account 14 days!
5. GTA V only supports 64-bit versions of the Windows system
6. No refund, only replacement in case of invalid account at purchase.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
If you do not agree with the rules described above - please do not buy the goods.

Good game! </ Attention>
01.07.2020 15:49:25
working nice
01.07.2020 15:49:20
working nice
29.06.2020 17:27:57
Works fine
25.06.2020 12:14:59
Account work seller good
25.06.2020 4:51:48

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