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Google Adwords account with an activated promo code for 3000 rubles.

Upon purchase, you will receive: login and password., Additional mail
You need to spend 500 rubles + VAT (total 600 rubles).
After the funds on the balance run out, a bonus of 3000 rubles will be credited within 24 hours.

The seller is not responsible for the ban "bypassing the system" and "suspicious payments".
Please do not break Google Adwords rules and there will be no bans!

Below are the precautions:
- Do not use a computer on which a ban was previously imposed on Google Adwords accounts.
- Do not use the same ads when transferring companies from one account to another.
- Do not use the same payment details and means of payment many times.
- Use only Russian payment methods

The appeal is filed here -
You can read about blocking your AdWords account here -
What to do if your account is blocked -
You can contact support at this link -
Also read the AdWords Advertising Policy -
Instant receipt of goods.
05.02.2021 15:04:18
05.02.2021 15:04:01
02.02.2021 23:19:17
30.01.2021 14:28:42
27.01.2021 3:35:47

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