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You get a working Radar Hack for a month
Read functions: Radar Hack for CS: GO, which will show you all the enemies on the radar, even if you have not noticed them in the sight. Opponents will be displayed on your radar with red dots. Radar hack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an excellent cheat, as it simply shows you the approximate location of the players on the map, and will not be updated by the VAC and the Patrol system unless you pretend that you know where the enemy is.
Dlya polucheniya obnovleniy nuzhno budet ostavit´ svoi kontakty! YA ne mogu garantirovat´, vam 100% togo chto vas ne zabanyat, po etomu ispol´zuyte chit na svoy strakh i risk, ne nuzhno menya v chem-to obvinyat´!
Yesli po kakoy to prichine chit ne rabotayet, to vy dolzhny dokazat´, chto on u vas ne rabotayet i pokazat´ sut´ problemy. Na moment prodazhi chit predostavlyayetsya polnost´yu rabochiy, a yesli u vas vydayet kakiye to oshibki, to eto problema vashey operatsionnoy sistemy, prover´te ustanovleny li u vas vse nuzhnyye drayvera, a tak zhe stabil´nost´ OS. Tak zhe poprobuyte yego zapustit´ na drugom komp´yutere! Den´gi ne vozvrashchayutsya yesli problema zapuska, v vashey sisteme!
You will need to leave your contacts for updates! I can not guarantee you 100% of the fact that you will not be banned, so use the cheat at your own peril and risk, do not need to accuse me of something!
If for some reason the cheat does not work, then you must prove that it does not work for you and show the essence of the problem. At the time of sale, the cheat is provided fully working, and if you are getting any errors, it´s a problem with your operating system, check if you have all the necessary drivers installed, and also stability of the OS. Just try to run it on another computer! Money does not return if the problem is starting up, on your system!
24.07.2020 9:19:49
Пожалуйста, обновите радар хакер, недействительный
04.06.2020 15:37:54
буду ждать обновы, а так все хорошо
24.05.2020 19:53:06
Работает, всё исправили
06.04.2020 16:21:25
31.03.2020 9:27:08
Все работает.