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Little black Zambo American tale

Proud bat. American tale.

The new suit. American tale.

Giant Tom. American tale.

Three goat Graf and evil Troll. American tale.

Brave boy. American tale.

Three pigs. English tale.

Little Fairy Tale English.

Little Mattie King and English fairy tale.

Tom claw and a large princess. English tale.

Vain Mouse. English tale.

Hedgehog and Bear English tale.

Children King Eylpa English tale.

Page and a silver cup English tale.

Three dogs English tale.

The daughter of the Sea King English tale.

Jack and the Beanstalk. English tale.

Three Wishes. English tale.

Five golden fruit English tale.

The daughter of Count Mara English tale.

Feline King English tale.

The queen of the spirits and snakes. Arab tale.

Arabian tale magic box.

Aladdin and the magic lamp Arab tale.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Arabian fairy tale.

The evil wizard Arab tale.

Anahit Armenian Tale.

Golden girl. Bulgarian tale.

Good with a star on his forehead and his Bulgarian tale.

horned horse.

The king and the beautiful Bulgarian tale.

The girl made of lime. Bulgarian tale.

Forty brothers and their sister. Bulgarian tale.

Children governor. Bulgarian tale.

Seven princes of the Talon Brothers Grimm

Hans and tabby Brothers Grimm

Blue Candle Brothers Grimm

Little Longnose V. Hauf

Schastlivka and Neschastlivka Hungarian fairy tale.

Giant Ox and three girls. Hungarian fairy tale.

Fairy tale pumpkin Vietnam.

Thumbelina Hans Christian Andersen

Flint Hans Christian Andersen

Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen

Bright, pretty deer and a cat Countess de Segur

Snake tree. Greek tale.

Rooster and chicken Greek tale.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier. The Danish fairy tale.

The Little Mermaid. The Danish fairy tale.

The Princess and the Pea. The Danish fairy tale.

Satur and Anthurium. Indian fairy tale.

Three prince. Indian fairy tale.

Signy and Prince Line Icelandic tale.

Chicken and King Spanish tale.

Brokeback princess. Spanish tale.

Cola Italian Fish Tale

General Fanta-tale Italian Giro

Three oranges Italian tale

Mystery Florio. Italian fairy tale.

Garpalionu - Bishop lions Italian tale.

Royal Falcon. Italian fairy tale.

Brave Masino Italian witch tale.

Beautiful Rosalind Italian tale.

Matteo and Mariuchcha. Italian fairy tale.

Black horse. Italian fairy tale.

Alder Chock Karelian Tale

Bride Mouse Karelian fairy tale.

Beauty present. Karelian with
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