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Time passed wizards. In all likelihood, they had never been to

Indeed. All these inventions and stories for very young children. Simply

Some magicians were able to deceive so skillfully any onlookers that these

magicians taken for witches and wizards.

There was a doctor. His name was Gaspard Arneri. Naive people Fair

playboy, student dropout might take it too for a wizard. The

In fact, this doctor did such amazing things that they really

like the Miracles. Of course, nothing he did not have wizards and

charlatans fooled too credulous people.

Dr. Gaspar Arneri was a scientist. Perhaps he learned about a hundred Sciences. In

Anyway, there was no one in the country of wise and learned Gaspar Arneri.

Scientists have known about it all: the miller, and soldiers, and ladies and ministers. A

Students sang a song about him with the refrain:

How to fly from the earth to the stars,
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