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PP Bazhov. Collected works in three volumes. Volume One.

Edited by VA Bazhova, AA Surkov, EA Perm.

State Publisher of fiction, Moscow, 1952

OCR: NVE, 2000

* * *

Language Ural tales PP Bazhov replete with words of local dialects.

Please, encountering such a word, do not take him for his mistake - tried

check the text as much as possible. At the end of the second volume there "explanation

individual words, concepts and expressions found in tales "composed

author. - (Note Scan.)

************************************************** *****



Mistress of Copper Mountain

Malachite Box

Stone Flower

Mountain Master

The fragile twig

Zhelezkovy tires

Two lizards

Prikazchikova soles

Sochneva stones

Herbal zapadenka

Tayutkino mirror

Cat ears

About Great runners

Serpentine trail

Zhabreev Walker

Golden dikes


Blue Snake

Key land

Sinyushkin well

Silver Hoof

Ermakova Swans

Golden Hair

Dear imyachko

People's writer. The introductory article L. Skorino


= = = = = = = = = =

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