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Content: Splinter_Cell_Blacklist_Deluxe_125.txt (248 B)
Available: 2
Uploaded: 25.12.2020

Positive responses: 41
Negative responses: 0

Sold: 125
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Seller: GameCod
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1 the discount is 1%
$25 the discount is 3%
You buy the official key, which you receive immediately after payment in the window that opens, as well as a link to the page with the key that will come to your E-Mail specified during purchase.


Each buyer who left a positive review (I want a gift) - receives one of more than 40 different games for Steam. Which one? You will find out about this when you receive your GIFT.
It can be activated on “Steam”.

To receive a gift you must:
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3) Expect.

Distribution of the gift is done within 48 hours after writing the comment.
Attention!! Putting a review - you guarantee that you have read all the conditions for the Gift and if something is not clear - asked.

Language: Russian, English
Platform: PC
Activation: Uplay
Activation region: Russia, Ukraine and the CIS

When the US becomes a target and the time allotted is inexorably running out, one person can save millions of innocent lives. Outlaw countries put forward a tough ultimatum - the Black List, and if their demands are not met, they are ready to start a terrorist war. In a situation where you can’t lose a minute, the US government is ready to resort to the only tried and tested tool - to call on the help of the legendary operative Sam Fisher.

As the commander of the newly formed elite Fourth-Tier unit, directly subordinate to the US President, Sam will destroy the terrorists and stop their deadly plans. At your disposal will be an impressive arsenal of modern weapons of destruction, including a controlled drone, with which Sam will be able to conduct reconnaissance, distract enemies and mark remote targets. All information about upcoming missions arrives aboard the Paladin aircraft, where your team is based. Respond to events in the world in real time and destroy the enemies before it is too late!


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Instructions for activating the key in Uplay:

1. Register your account at, if you do not already have one
2. In your account through the button-gear, activate the product by entering the key
3. The game will be added to your games library and you can download it

IMPORTANT: After activating the serial key in Uplay, the key becomes invalid, i.e. You can not use it again.
MUST remember, but better write down all the details of your account! Without them, you will not be able to access the activated games in the future.


Dear customers!
We will be very grateful to the positive response!
Thank you very much, Your GameCode.

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14.04.2018 14:39:36
хочу подарок
13.04.2018 9:48:41
Хочу подарок
После оплаты получил ключ мгновенно, спасибо!
11.04.2018 21:24:15
Хочу подарок
03.04.2018 19:56:19
Хочу подарок
Ключик получил мгновенно, в числе языков был русский, все отлично.
24.03.2018 0:02:03
Ключек получен. Успешно активирован. Я доволен. Был бы не против получить подарок на

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