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The author, international journalist, who has lived for seven years in Italy, in the sketch form tells about different aspects of life in this country. He introduces the reader with a unique national character of the Italians, with their way of life, customs, colorful festivals, describes the distinctive look of cities, expanding on Rome and Venice. The book reveals the roots of ailments afflicting Italian society is shown as affecting the life of an Italian economic crisis, rising crime, political instability. Time description - 80 years of the twentieth century.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... Modern resident in Italy has almost no fun to wander through the blooming meadow or forest lie on the lawn. In the vicinity of Rome, for example, there is no piece of free land. All around a rocky hill with stunted shrubs, or endless fence with the inscription: "Proprieta Privat" (private property). Working in Leningrad guide with Italian tourists, I could not understand why they are so affect our forests. It would seem that the trees as trees, grass like grass - what special about them? Just arrived in Italy and to travel on her car, I sadly saw Italians killed his nature. Many are orchards, plantations of peaches, apricots and oranges, the natural forests have survived only in some places in the mountains .... »Download Vladimir Malyshev, stone pine in the wind. Essays on modern Italy.
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