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The author, international journalist, a correspondent for the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Singapore. His book is a series of essays about life and customs of the inhabitants of Singapore, the nations of Southeast Asia, located at the busy intersection of sea and air routes.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... Do not stop wondering: how much gives people the coconut! Here it grows on the coast, seizing millions of roots into the ground. That tossed his crown in the garden or by the roadside. However, the road almost no trees, too many motorcyclists worn on Singapore highways, and although they are all wearing helmets, coconut falling on your head, does not bode well. Because inferior palm place electric street lamps; They say they have 60,000 in Singapore. If planting trees near roads, most royal, they are lower, and they have no fruit. There are palm trees and travelers reminiscent unbuttoned fan, why, apparently, they are often confused with fan palms, although these trees belong to different families. Botanists say that travelers palms belong to the same family as bananas. So, like bananas, they are - the grass. But can you believe it, if you are not a strict disciplinarian scientist? .. "Download Yuri Savenkov, Singapore sketches.
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