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The author, a Polish doctor Eva Volyak, introduces the reader to Western Samoa, where she spent three years. The book tells in an entertaining form of traditional Polynesian rituals of ancient legends and history of the archipelago, as well as the modern life of the people of the first independent nation in Polynesia. Translated from the Polish VI Andrushova.
File format Word. Excerpt: "... The pious fathers of the London Missionary Society began its educational activities in Samoa with ... clothing for natives. The missionaries told them that loincloths of leaves offend the Christian sense of morality, but they can avoid sin, if they wear pants and dresses, covering the chest and legs. In order to save their souls, the Samoans had to buy calico fabric, thread, needles, scissors and other goods supplied arriving in Apia sailboats. For these attributes salvation traders forced them to pay a huge amount of vegetables, fruits and meat ... "Download Eve Volyak. Archipelago sailors.
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